3/8″ X 6″ Jaw to Jaw Turnbuckle


It's the thickness of the twine the bigger the number the thicker it is.

The only difference is the pattern. The tensile strength is the same. Price sq takes more time to build. Diamond you need a rope border to take its shape, square you don't.

Lead time depends on the Size of the order usually 2-4 Business days to build and 3-5 Business days for ground delivery.

All orders are made to order we do not have anything in stock.

Yes, we can but we will have to charge Taxes, on the order.

Our netting is DuPont 6-6 728 Nylon (It is industrial-grade nylon known for high strength and consistent shrink when stabilized.)

All sales are final, all our orders are made to order. 

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